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Two years later, Lee Byung-Hun would appear in Chan-wook Park's landmark cold-war film "Joint Security Area." Lee Byung-Hun's performance as Sgt. And I don't know if director (s) are just keen on making emotional wrecks of viewers. Almost keen on writing them to take back the ending and rewrite it and leave it as a cliffhanger now three years after the fact.

Soo-hyeok Lee, a soldier who crosses over to the North Korean side nightly to visit his "enemies," struck a deep chord with audiences and critics alike. Actually I don't care about actor's/actress's personal issue or scandal or affair or something like that, because what we hear about them maybe completely different with what really happen. He said that he just friends with that girls who sent blackmail to him. You can cheat, has affair, disco, get drunk, even make love with other woman or 10 women, but don't do that at your home. And in the midst of announcements that IRIS 2 is coming out.

This is by no means a lewd flick and has a lot of class in the field of direction and acting.

The ending fits the movie but not many people may like it.

All Korean dramas go through the process of localization: re-dubbing, pre-editing, post-editing and finalization before going on-air.

Korean dramas began to be air in the Philippines in 2003, with shows such as Bright Girl, Autumn in My Heart, Lovers in Paris and My Girl.

Top Korean drama series Lovers in Paris, Full House, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Stairway to Heaven and Coffee Prince were imported and dubbed in Filipino language, instantly becoming hits.

The huge demand from viewers for dramas has prompted Philippine TV stations to import Korean and Taiwanese dramas.

This is a definitely worth a watch but don't expect it to be anything to the tune of "My sassy girl" which in my opinion is the best romantic movie to come out of Korea in recent times.

This one however has very good acting from LEE and CHOI with good support from rest of the cast.

While Byung-hun began to achieve success in the television drama realm, he initially found little success in the big screen realm. " & "Run Away" received muted responses at the box office and from critics.

It wasn't until 1998, that Lee Byung-Hun started attracting the attention of critics with his performance in "The Harmonium in My Memory" (starring opposite Do-yeon Jeon). and i'm really sure that many would agree with me that he is the best korean actor ever.

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