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Think “” This is a very solid way to lock the bolt, but it is quite a bit more difficult to properly manufacture, compared to what is today’s standard, a bolt that locks into a barrel extension.

The Winchester Model 50 Shotgun is a technological “” In most recoil-operated arms, the bolt is delayed from rearward travel by the weight of the barrel that is affixed to it, and the barrel recoils a short distance with the locked bolt before the bolt’s timing allows it to disconnect from the barrel on its way back in full recoil.

While in Baltimore, he entered the dry goods business, and after several years, Winchester became a manufacturer of men's shirts in New Haven, Connecticut.

This venture proved to be sufficiently profitable that he began to extend his business interests. Volcanic produced lever-action repeating pistols and carbines based on the patents of Smith & Wesson.

Barrels get swapped frequently, so the codes may be misleading. The V suffix on yours indicates it's a 2 3/4" gun so forgo the maggie numbs. I think it's one of the 999-2001 as there is no numbers on the barrel.

A vintage WM is first class condition for 5 is a great deal. Just home from the Pawn Shop and have suffered thru the glare of the Mrs. Looks like a 1979 gun from what I can tell off of the S#. Just has "mod" for the choke type on that side and rep on the other.

The Volcanic's operating mechanism was very similar to that still used today in lever-action repeaters, but the guns were plagued by problems with their self-contained cartridges.

These consisted of a hollow-based, powder-filled conical bullet backed by a fulminate primer plate.

Smith and Wesson sold their patents and other assets to the newly-organized Volcanic Company, and after a short time, both left Volcanic and began work on the first of many revolvers to bear their names. We have lists of the best and worst dressed, the scariest movies, the most beautiful celebrities, the most talented athletes, the dumbest politicians, and just about every other category a magazine editor can dream up. This is a subjective ranking in order, but all the firearms here have several things in common: All are superlative designs; all were chosen without regard to price; all were commercial successes to a greater or lesser degree; and almost all were influential on the design of other guns.I love lists and am occasionally asked to rattle off my list of what I think are the best guns ever made. You'll notice that there are no military or target arms here (with a few exceptions, for reasons explained).In many ways, firearms have changed very little over the past century.That doesn't mean they haven't progressed; it means they were pretty good to begin with--and these are the best. The Model 70 was an improvement of Winchester's Model 54, which in turn was based on the Mauser Model 98.

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