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It was the only slave uprising that led to the founding of a state, which was both free from slavery, and ruled by non-whites and former captives.

Its effects on the institution of slavery were felt throughout the Americas.

ET, almost 53 years to the day after Hurricane Flora killed 2,000 Cubans on Oct. Landfall came at Juaco in a remote, sparsely populated part of the island, and preliminary reports indicated that the soaking rains and driving winds caused relatively little damage.

The Bahamas might not be so lucky when Matthew arrives sometime Wednesday night because of two factors that make it especially dangerous, according to weather experts.

In the 18th century it became France’s most valuable colonial possession, and one of the most brutally efficient slave colonies there has ever been.

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It began in 1791 and ended in 1804 with the former colony's independence.Several people were reportedly "swept away." So far, Haiti's civil protection agency has reported just two deaths, one of them a fisherman who drowned in rough water churned up by the storm.Six other deaths have also been blamed on Matthew: One man died in Colombia, four people were killed in the Dominican Republic, and a teenager was killed in St.The revolt began in 1791, and more than a decade of war followed; France’s largest expeditionary force, led by General Leclerc, Napoleon’s brother-in-law, was sent to put down the rebellion.As the French operation flagged, the slave general, Toussaint l’Ouverture, was invited to a parley.

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