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The fact that Jack saw said images Also downplayed was the revelation in court that day that Cook pursued Diana Bianchi, the 18-year-old he had an affair with, from the time she was 15 years old.It was the “dirty details” of Cook’s porno habits that dominated the headlines the following day — “I mean, sneaking out of the house when you’ve got beautiful, loving children there, to go choose instead to masturbate on the World Wide Web, just makes me worry about his judgment,” a plaintive Brinkley said in court yesterday. Does Brinkley really still think that married guys don’t masturbate?It is, as one of our commenters noted, “delicious summer fun,” and we’ve been enjoying it fully.But even we began to feel some discomfort the other day when, as the Is it correct, sir, that you have masturbated in front of a Web cam? Red-faced, Cook replied: “Yes, I have, privately, secretly — never at home, never in front of my children.” Wiping tears from his eyes, Cook admitted he sought “young fit girls” from swinger Web sites while confirming he was a voracious viewer of Black Berrys.Don't you think the more important thing is to not do it all?!See how can I stop masturbating No you cannot, masturbation is haram and you must immediately stop. My sexual desires are too strong, and I have been masturbating since around 2009.

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