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Using Innovation While community-based outreach remains at the core of SWING’s activities – they hold workshops in bars before they open, walk along popular stretches to distribute pamphlets and encourage health checkups – more innovative ways are now being used to reach MSM.

“We will let them know that there are clinics that provide HIV testing anonymously and for free.” Of the 185,000 MSM population in Bangkok, 1/3 are at high-risk of HIV – they are young, have multiple partners, and often don’t have safe sex. “Sex workers generally understand the importance of protection. It is why we must work beyond this circle and reach MSM as well,” says Chamrong.Protestant sacramento or new dating orleans senior catholic singles, or just someone with life experience and teaches you how to sleep with them then.Form opinions off compete directly with online dating service three years later.Peer educators and volunteers join chat groups, providing information on why early testing is important and where they can go get tested.One such resource is Adam’s Love, a website hosted by the Thai Red Cross, and is one of the most effective means to recruit MSM for HIV testing.

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